La Banda Ramirez

Private Client:

“Absolutely loved their performance. They were in time and kept to my schedule. Their music selection was terrific. My guests danced their hearts out. I would have them at my next event and would highly recommend them. From Latin jazz when my guests arrived to salsa for dancing the night away. Just wonderful. Thank you guys for making my 50th a success.” 

Cultural Arts Committee of Bound Brook, NJ: Metrotang are true artists, willing to delve into unfamiliar territory and boy, did they deliver. Very professional and sensational. It was a great pleasure, and we hope to have them again at next year's Riverfest. If you want to impress your guests, you must hire Metrotang, amazing talent."

Luis Hidalgo, The Latin Jazz and Salsa Show “Absolutely one of the best Latin jazz and Salsa bands I’ve heard.  It is a pleasure to have been able to listen and sit in with this group of fine professionals.  You are an inspiration to the music community.”

Hal Galper says of Chacho's Metrotang CD:
"Lights Out, by percussionist Chacho Ramirez’s quintet Metrotang, pulsates with the heartbeat of urban Latin music.  Combining salsa and jazz with his Cuban roots, Chacho has created a contemporary sound that expresses today’s cultural milieu.  Whether for listening, dancing or partying, this CD should be in everyone’s collection."

Sarah Jane Cion:
“Chacho Ramirez’s CD “Lights Out” impresses in every way – from the grooving bass lines to the fantastically interwoven rhythms and exciting solos.  Recorded sonically with the utmost clarity, even after repeated listening I couldn’t get enough of this recording.  There is magic around every corner in this sparkling tapestry.  Don’t miss this CD – it will not disappoint."

 El Chino,

"Cuban Butterflies, the title track, from the pen of Bill Jacobs, infects us with beautiful harmonies and a forward march, highlighting the performances of Carolyn Steinberg Ramírez in a masterful flute solo, supported, towards the conclusion, by one by Chacho Ramírez on the congas. 

Yambú for Two, a piece written by Carolyn, builds bridges with the Cuban Rumba and the slowest of its three aspects: the Yambú. The flute - of Carolyn-, carried by the bass - Michael O’Brien - talks with the tumbadoras - Chacho Ramírez - in a perfect and sophisticated harmony

Guaracha Estupefacta, initially recorded on the album Latin Fever (1997, OK Records) by Jose Luis Cortes "El Tosco" - director of NG La Banda - is covered with the unmistakable style of La Banda Ramírez highlighting the epic solo of Jack Glottman on piano and a devilish one by Chacho Ramírez on drums...

Scott Yanow on "Cuban Butterflies"

...“Si te vieras con mis ojos,” a love song, has a guest vocal by Sofía Tossello while “St. Germain” includes another catchy melody and, as with most of these performances, excellent piano, bass and flute solos. The mood shifts with Carolyn Steinberg Ramirez’s relatively somber “2020” which, despite the events of the past year, still has an optimistic feel to it. Bill Jacobs’ “Is” was originally a swing tune that the group turned into a stirring mambo. “Bolero Oculto” is a warm bolero that is a little funky and has a particularly swinging spot for pianist Glottman.  Cuban Butterflies concludes with a “bonus” cut,” “Harina y quimbombó,” that features a mostly different group of musicians and some salsa singing for a rousing closer.

Throughout Cuban Butterflies, La Banda Ramirez balances the Afro-Cuban rhythms with consistently strong jazz soloing. The music, while always danceable, also rewards close listening and the result is a set of performances that are both accessible and creative. Cuban Butterflies is easily recommended.